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About Janata Dal United

Welcome to the official web portal of Janata Dal United . Why and how are we different from other parties? What is our ideology? How are our leaders, policy and programs creating tomorrow? What are our achievements in the journey so far and in which direction are we struggling? You will get answers to all such questions here. If you want, please communicate with us. If there are suggestions, then definitely, we will welcome.

Economic Solution, Force on Youth

Self-help allowance of Rs 1000 per month for all youth between 20 and 25 years and student loans up to Rs 4 lakh for all 12th grade passing students through credit cards and for which the state guarantor is like five Ambitious schemes are running under this determination.

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Reserved Employment, Women Rights

The Bihar government has ensured that there will be a 35 percent horizontal reservation for women for direct appointments at all levels and in all types of posts of all government services-cadres. Bihar is the first state to do so.

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Opportunities Increased, Read Further

The Government is committed to establish five new Medical Colleges, Nursing Colleges, ANM Schools, GNM Schools, Para-Medical Institutes, Polytechnics, Industrial Training Institutes, Engineering Universities etc., so that all kinds of opportunities are available within the state.

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Our Achievements
Bicycle and Dress Plan

It sounds small to hear a bicycle, but it gave girls in Bihar a new perspective to see the world and touch their targets.

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Public Grievances Redressal Act

Shri Nitish Kumar has empowered 11 crore people of Bihar as Public Grievances Redressal Rights Act.

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Agricultural Roadmap

The agricultural roadmap has given a new shape and dimension to the rural economy of Bihar.

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